Mortgages in the Czech Republic


HYPOASISTENT is an independent mortgage broker cooperating with all Czech mortgage banks. Our specialized mortgage brokers speak English, German, Spanish and Russian. We fully understand needs of our clients from abroad and we always do our best to make their financing as comfortable as possible. The best interest rates are of course a must. We are ready to help both investor-buyers and expats living in the Czech Republic.

We help clients choose the right mortgage bank and the suitable mortgage product. We put together all necessary documentation, arrange a property valuation, arrange needed translations, structure and administrate all necessary steps. After signature of a loan contract, we help clients to open a bank account and to draw-down a mortgage loan.

All our services are free of charge for clients, we are paid by Czech mortgage banks.

In co-operation with our partners we can arrange also real-estate services, property management and legal services.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us today.

Mortgage parameters for foreigners

Mortgages are available both for Czech citizens and for foreign buyers. In order to qualify for the best mortgage conditions - it is necessary to have a residency in the Czech Republic or to have income from the Czech Republic.

It is always necessary to declare sufficient net income to qualify for a mortgage. It is possible to accept income from an employment or a self-employment. Income from an employment is to be declared by income confirmation form (bank form to be confirmed by an employer) and bank statements (to declare regular incoming salary). Income from a self-employment is to be declared by a copy of personal tax return for previous two years.

Possible mortgage parameters differentiate mainly according to the following parameters: citizenship, country of residence, country of source of income and source of declarable income.

Interest rates can be fixed for a given period of time (usually for 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 or 10 years) or it is possible to choose a variable interest rate. The most favorite are mortgages with 5 years fixation. Interest rates are changing every month and there are big differences among different banks and products.

At the end of each fixation period – it is possible to pay off the whole mortgage or part of the mortgage without any fee or penalty. In case of early extra payment (sooner than at the end of each fixation period) the bank can charge a fee. Therefore if you intend to pay off the mortgage sooner, it is better to choose shorter fixation period – with respect to the expected time of extra payment. If you intend to pay off the mortgage sooner because you decide to sell the property (and if you hold the mortgage at least 2 years) - the maximum bank fee is only 1% and max. 50.000 CZK = very low. There are also several other reasons when the bank does not charge any fee for extra payment. We are always ready to help you find the best way.

Maximum maturity is usually till the age of 70 years (in some banks upto 65 years), usually upto 20 years or upto 30 years.

At least one visit of Prague is usually necessary in order to sign mortgage documentation and to open a bank account. Everything takes not more than 1- 2 hours.


  • We prepare a mortgage offer and help clients choose the right mortgage bank and a suitable mortgage product..

  • We clarify everything important and process communication with the bank, real-estate agent and the Land Registry.

  • We negotiate necessary methodical exceptions for clients to make the financing according to client´s expectations and financial needs.

  • We solve complete administration connected with mortgage preparation, mortgage approval process and draw-down of a loan (including needed apartment insurance and mortgage contract processing).

  • We process an expert valuation of the chosen apartment or house, arrange official translations, complete necessary documentation, and supervise mortgage and loan contracts.

  • We go personally to the mortgage bank with a client in order to sign the loan contract and help client to translate and explain documentation and to open a bank account.

  • We can arrange also further services – legal services, official translations, property management, real-estate services etc.

  • Our services are free of charge for clients (services are covered by Czech mortgage banks).

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, we look forward to hearing from you.

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